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Here are some academic marketing projects that I am really proud of!

Trixtr Textbooks and Educational Tools
It is an entrepreneurial project that consisted of a digital textbooks distribution company. Trixtr was presented at the Red River College´s Trade Show and at the Manitoba New Ventures Championship at the University of Manitoba. I was closely involved in the market research, website development, social media management, creative execution and content elaboration.

Communications Plan (Empower Me)
This project was part of my Integrated Marketing Communications course, and consisted of a comprehensive situational analysis, communications strategy, and creative and media plans, to promote Empower Me, a groundbreaking product for people within the autism spectrum.

MIMIC Digital Marketing Simulation
The simulated competition allowed us to develop SEM/SEO skills by creating effective campaigns (search engine ads and email). We ran a/b tests, executed keyword analysis and bidding, copywriting, and ad performance analysis. The results in terms of profit margins, ROI, CTR, among others KPI´s were compared to each other. By the way, my team won the contest by achieving the best overall performance among all the Red River College´s campi. Click here to see the certificate.