About Me

I fell in love with Winnipeg when I moved to study marketing (my passion after my wife and daughter). I realized how adaptive and resilient I am. Could you guess if change management is part of my life? Sure, you could.

As an engineer, I am totally comfortable dealing with numbers and information… boring, right? Not at all! Project management and analytical skills are key to informed decision-making and creativity-boosting, whether leading projects and teams, SEM/SEO, and social media campaigns.

Speaking of creativity, by studying marketing communications I connected my creative and analytical abilities. I relied on them when designing the website and leading the creative execution and social media team for Trixtr, an entrepreneurial project.

By the way, I keep myself updated on trends, technologies, and insights by consuming tons of marketing and sales content (newsletters, social media, blogs, and podcasts).

I am an introvert and that works perfectly for me! I actively listen to people, analyze different perspectives, and come up with effective ideas. Don’t let my quiet personality tricks you! Customer service and teamwork are abilities that help me to consistently achieve results.