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“Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart”
– Joe Chernov

Effective marketing management makes companies stand out from the competition, deliver value, and provide clients with an amazing experience.

Make sure your company and clients feel smart! Make your marketing resources sweat! Go through the pages and find out how I can add more value to your team.

Oh, and please message me right away for a cup of coffee to further discuss marketing trends and technologies, ideas and projects, or just chat about sports or music.

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What I can do for your business…

Asset 50     Marketing strategy

Asset 240     Communications plan

Asset 280.png     Email marketing

Asset 620     Social Media management

Asset 230     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

… and here is my toolkit :)

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“Collaboration and Communication are the two most important tools to build a high-performance culture”
– Ted Marcel Horn

Project Management

  • Prioritizing and handling multiple projects/tasks
  • Keeping projects on time and on budget

Customer Service

  • Focusing on clients projects and needs
  • Positively addressing clients expectations and concerns


  • Effective presentations
  • Strong writing and editing


  • Focused on collaboration and communication

Up-to-date Information

  • Current trends, technologies, and best practices from the industry

Let´s get a cup of coffee!

If you are interested in grabbing a cup of coffee and talking shop (or to learn about my “outside the box resume”), message me right away!

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